About us

NIX Solutions Ltd is one of the biggest IT companies in Kharkiv and in Ukraine. Company is an exporter of software development services, mainly to clients from the US and Western Europe. Over a thousand of it's employees work in office that is located downtown in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

NIX Ukraine moved to a 10 store new office building in May 2014, occupying all floors. Programmers and QA experts of NIX Solutions are settled down on almost 100,000 sq. feet of new working space.

NIX Ukraine collaborates with major Kharkiv universities, providing trainee programs for students of computer science departments. Many graduates choose NIX Solutions as a place to start their IT career.



Web Development

PHP (LAMP), CMS, Flash, Java, .NET. Projects are run the gamut at: e-commerce sites, social networks, large portals, web tools for process automation, informational sites for businesses, and others.


Mobile Development

We develop applications for iPhone and iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Our portfolio include games, product catalogues, data analysis applications, books, handy organizers, maps, reminders and others.


Quality Assurance

Our test engineers provide all types of testing, including automated, functional, stress testing, and others. The largest department of NIX Solutions is engaged in testing various software, web and mobile applications. With experience gained for years, we created seamless collaboration with local and remote development teams.


System Administration

Our server support services include remote system monitoring 24×7×365, urgent performance troubleshooting and deploying updates/upgrades. The system integration team optimizes e-mail, web, and data servers.


Project Management

Helps to coordinate work schedules, track progress, and motivate the team to successful project completion, establishing a development lifecycle plan. At NIX Solutions, we know how to implement your ideas.


IT Consulting

Refer to our IT experts for any question regarding to your IT project. We will define the feasibility and create specifications. If your idea is not implemented yet, we will help you create a pilot project. Feel free to contact our experts in any moment.


Cloud Staffing

Our staffing and recruiting solution is 100% cloud based. Due to this the client always has access to all resources he needs. Dedicated team of experts handle all your project's issues to save his time reducing software and IT expenses.


Desktop Development

We create custom desktop applications of any kind. We support the clarity of development process and guide customers through the software development lifecycle.


  • NIX Solutions has done an amazing job on this application. It was done in a timely manner with the highest professional quality. There were no “bumps” in the road and everything ran smoothly. If you ever need a contractor for an important and complex job, Nix is your team. Thank you again!

    - Stefan Fritsch, Apo Technology, Owner
  • A trusted business partner, Roman and his CMS colleagues at NIX Solutions consistently delivers true to spec, most often exceeding our high expectations. Post delivery support and collaboration have been outstanding. Their business acumen and technical competence is as good as you will find anywhere. Simply put, our partners have numerous outsourcing options, yet we consistently return to NIX Solutions.